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When should I consume Revit?

Take two gummies before or during alcohol consumption.

Take an additional two gummies after drinking for heavy drinking nights.

If you have forgotten to take Revit during the night of drinking, you can take 2 gummies the following morning to quicken your recovery.

What are the key benefits of Revit?

  1. Alleviate hangover
  2. Reduce Asian flush
  3. Protect Liver
  4. Replenish lost vitamins and minerals

How is the safety, quality and purity of Revit ensured?

We take great pride in delivering a hangover cure that is safe, effective and delicious. Revit is produced in a FDA-approved manufacturing process. Every batch is also sent for purity testing at a Singapore HSA-approved lab. In short, Revit is in accordance with Singapore HSA (Health Science Authority)

Will my alcohol tolerance increase after taking Revit?

The key function of Revit is to increase the metabolism of alcohol. In short, taking Revit before drinking will help with your tolerance as your body breaks down alcohol faster.

However, everyone should practice safe drinking :)

Does Revit contain sugar?

Revit is sugar-free. The sweetness comes from the natural honey and lemon extract, and pectin.

What is your refund policy?

Revit has a 21 days money-back guarantee where you can return up to 1 unit of unsealed Revit bottle and 10 units of sealed bottles. Please drop us an email at support@revit.com.sg to arrange for the refund.

When does Revit expire?

Revit expires 18-24 months from manufacturing.